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What Our Families Are Saying

Read What Family Members Of Our Residents Have To Say . . .

“Our mother was wonderfully cared for. You were responsive to her needs – and ours. The three of us visited often, and we hand no complaints – only admiration for the work of your staff and satisfaction at the stimulation that activities provided. I only wish we had decided earlier that Arbor Place was the right place for her.” Read the full letter here.

~ Ambassador James K. Glassman

“We ultimately visited 20 facilities: 15 in 4 different states initially, then 5 more . . . In all this, one facility stood out: Arbor Place. As we’ve said many times, there’s no place like Arbor Place. Not only do we think that it is the best place for our father but that it is truly unique in the things that matter most.” Read the full letter here. ~ Susan D. Sawtelle, Esq.

“When I began my search for a facility, my heart sank when I went into some of them. There was nothing particularly wrong with them, except that they were depressing and dreary, with patients sitting around sleeping in wheelchairs in front of a TV. But when I went to Arbor Place, I felt very happy.” Read the full letter here.

~ Sandra W. McLeskey, RN, PhD

Watch And Listen To What Family Members Have To Say . . .